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Happy Halloween from the Robbins' Babes!

Happy Halloween y’all!

Yesterday was SO much fun!! My husband and I were just talking about how we had the best time with our babes! We did something different this year. Usually we go house to house in the cutest neighborhood in our small town. However, this year we went to the local church for their annual Trunk-or-treat event. It didn’t disappoint and neither did these sweet kiddos!!

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Happy Halloween! | Fun Halloween Meal Idea!

A Fun Frightening Meal

Taking Zhetti to a new level! When I created the new HMP website, I made sure to add little spots that would help to hold me accountable for certain things. I wanted to do more projects with my babes. To be really real, I get super frustrated with messes. Kids are just messy. That’s why I don’t do projects with my kids! Eek! That’s so horrible! This is the start of it!! I can do this!!

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The Shiplap Wall Project

Holy shiplap!!!

Yes! The Robbins’ home now has a shiplap wall! Joanna Gaines, thank you for introducing this into our lives! This little project didn’t cost much and it’s brought SO much light into our space! Check it out, I explain step by step how Mr. Robbins’ knocked out this project in about two hours!

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