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What are you putting in your mouth?

Do you suffer from anxiety, depression, low energy, acne?

Have you ever considered that the foods you are fueling your body with could have a little something, something to do with those symptoms above???? When I was doing research for my book, Thirty Nights of No Thinking, Just Healthy Eating, I started becoming ULTRA aware of how food effects our brains.

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Who's your partner in crime?

Who’s your partner in crime???

When I’ve achieved something in a quick time frame or super successfully, it was because I had someone breathing down my neck (in the best way!) holding me accountable for my goals. I love having someone there to TELL ME - “You gotta move! You gotta reach! You can do it!!” You gain a cheerleader in your life!

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Growing up with Oprah as my friend | Part 2

Can we talk excuses? There ain’t a magic pill!

When I was young, I had so much hurt in my heart that it turned to hate. I was angry at the world. I was mad at my family for their choices. My mom and dad separated when I was in second grade. I sat in Mrs. Kenada’s class and cried my eyes out. She did her best to console me but she had a class of over twenty children she had to teach, so she sent me to the school counselor. But, I didn’t know the counselor and wouldn’t open up. My seven year old self wanted Mrs. Kenada. I loved her and trusted her. It was so painful. Once the school got involved, I guess they spoke with my parents and they all decided I needed counseling every week. 

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Get yo' mind right for 2019!!!

Get yo’ mind right for 2019 and fo’ life!!

It’s completely changed my life, how I think, how I handle stressful situations and how I zone out negativity! Yasssss! It’s amazing how you have the ability to control your thoughts! Gratitude journaling does that girl! That’s why I’m starting a 30 Day Gratitude Challenge!! I want you to have these skills too! I want you to experience life differently by molding your thought process. I swear it will change your life too!

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The perfect gift, a coupon code & a FREEBIE!

Can I give you something? We can all get behind the idea of giving, even if the reason is arbitrary, so with that said, I’m excited to tell you that for the rest of December, I am running an end of year promotion to offer $5 off your entire purchase with the code: MERRYCHRISTMAS

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You can't steal my joy. . .

You can’t steal my joy. . .

Recently, a very prominent person in my community. straight up told me this, “Holly you share your perfect family photos and everyone just thinks you’re so perfect because that’s all they see.” I was like, I know! Ha! I mean, I AM a professional photographer and I do enjoy taking photos of my cute kiddos. So, what!? I know we aren’t perfect! So, why in the world does everyone think I’m sooooooo perfect?!

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SOLD OUT!!! So, I added MORE for you!!!

SOLD OUT! So, I added more for you!

WHOOP!!! I sold out during my pre-sale and decided to add more to my order for you guys!! I can’t believe it!! Thank you SOOOO very much for everyone that is supporting me during this very exciting time! I love how this cookbook, this crazy idea that turned into a reality in a very quick time, is helping so many people! It’s teaching ladies how to meal plan, prep, and eat a healthy meal with their family around the dinner table!

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Growing up with Oprah as my friend | Part 1

Growing up with Oprah as your Friend. . .Part 1

Here’s the deal, I didn’t grow up in a happy household. There was fighting and screaming. I watched my parents tear each other apart verbally and tear up our home. I would wake up to walls having holes in them. I was once woken up to the sound of a TV getting tossed into a wall and the house shaking because of it.

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