How I lost the weight!


If you following me along on social media, @hollylrobbins, you know I am on a mission! My mission is to live a healthy life!! Losing 40lbs was a huge part of that journey! It wasn’t easy but I was determined and when I’m determined you better get on board or get outta my way!

After I had our second child, Olivia, I lost 60lbs. It took me about a year and a half to do it but I got in the best shape ever! Then, you know, once I got in the best shape evah I found out I was pregnant with our third baby, Rocco. Even though I worked out three times a week, watched what I ate (like a hawk) until I was 9 months pregnant with him, I gained 40lbs during his pregnancy! It was frustrating to put in all that work and still gain that much weight! I guess I just don’t do pregnant SKINNY! lol

March 2018

March 2018

July 2018

July 2018

After having Rocco, I became very depressed. Postpartum depression took over my life but that’s where my determination kicked in! I wasn’t going to let depression get in the way of my dreams! I fought hard to overcome it and that’s when I started working out again!

I remembered how awesome I felt when I worked out before I had Rocco and I wanted to be able to move my body again. . .from being still for so long I got really stiff in my joints! Have y’all seen that commercial, “A body in motion stays in motion!” I needed to start moving again! For me, mental health and physical health just go together.

Thankfully a friend of mine invited me to workout with her one evening. When I walked into the class, I immediately knew that was where I was supposed to be! It was a positive, encouraging environment and my trainer was amazing enough to modify my workouts per my fitness level. Which was really low at the time! Oh man, you should have seen me! I couldn’t do a burpee to save my life, I couldn’t do a plank or a push up and I could barely lift dumbbells above my head. It was a really tough start because I couldn’t do what my body used to.

It was really frustrating!

But I didn’t give up!!

I also want to touch on something that not many women are aware of. When you are pregnant, your abdomen muscles split/stretch open. This is totally normal and is how your body allows room for you baby to grow. After you give birth, it takes a while for your body to heal and for that split to seam back together. The medical term for it is called diastasis recti.

When I first started working out, I was eight months postpartum and I could still fit three finger widths in my abdomen. I also had an umbilical hernia I was struggling with too. I could have let these things deter me from continuing my workouts because it was a huge obstacle! My umbilical hernia is painful and affects how I’m able to do MANY workouts! However, my trainer, Chelsea Moody, never let that keep me from doing anything!! She just modified the workout or just completely changed it.


Find yourself an accountability partner!

I started working out three times a week with Chelsea and the other ladies in our class. I also started gaining new friendships and accountability partners! These ladies were holding me accountable for showing up to my class and I was doing the same for them. Having someone to push you and pretty much make you feel guilty (in a good way!) for not showing up! This is key to getting a goal accomplished!

Drink half your body weight in ounces of water!

I know for many of my friends this is a challenge but you just gotta do it! It’s amazing the difference I feel in my body when I don’t get enough water. Here’s how to figure out the formula for how much water you should be drinking in a day.

weight ÷ 2 = how many ounces of water you need per day

You can do it! I’ve tried several ways of doing this. I used to drink bottled water. I would set out all the bottles I needed for that day so I had a perfect visual of what I had to finish. Now I use a large 24 ounce insulated cup and drink four of them a day. That get’s me more than the recommend ratio.

Do the hard work!!!

Yep, there’s really no way around it! You need physical activity in your life! I swear you will feel incredible. I workout three times a week for an hour - NO EXCUSES! When I’m tired, I still show up! When I’ve had a hard day at work or with my babes, I still show up! When going out to eat seems like a better idea - I rethink that thought and get my booty to the gym!!

Anything is better than nothing! A brisk 30 minute walk mixed with some walking lunges and then jumping jacks. . .there are so many workouts you can do that require ZERO equipment! Pinterest is a great place to find these types of workouts. Joining a gym is an awesome idea too but it’s not necessary. For me personally, I need that “gym” environment. I thrive off seeing others get fit and I’m able to learn from them too! Just remember all this when you start giving yourself excuses! Fight to be active girl!


I took on a “one Little Debbie a day” habit.

It was so bad!

Let’s talk nutrition!

Nutrition is a huge part of how I lost the baby weight! I’ve always been a healthy eater but after I had Rocco, I took on a “one Little Debbie a day” habit! Eek! Plus, I started my day with a very large sugar filled coffee and some sort of bread. I would crash SO hard after lunch and feel so tired. That’s when I started drinking TWO very large sugary coffees to get me through the rest of the day! It was so bad.

Just before I started working out in March, I decided to do something a little drastic! I wanted to knock myself out of these bad habits and work on creating new healthy ones! I did a three day juice cleanse. I made it ALL three days without eating any solid foods and I felt incredible!! Once it was time to start eating solids again I was afraid! So, I decided to drink a milk based, meal replacement shake. I drank this shake and instantly starting have stomach cramps and the gurgling sound coming from my belly was out-of-control loud! I felt horrible and just ate really really light that day! The next day I had a slice of cheese and experienced the same cramps and gurgling. That’s when it hit me - I bet I have a dairy intolerance! That day I decided to eliminate dairy and gluten from my diet to see if it made a difference.

I’ve been as dairy and gluten free as I can be for over seven months now and I feel AMAZING! I’ve lost all my baby weight and then some but what really is the best part of this - I am so healthy!!

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Meal planning is a life changer!

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Every week on Sunday, I meal plan and create a grocery list! Setting up my week for success with healthy meals is HUGE! When I make dinner every night, I always make extra so I have enough for lunch the next day - BAM! Meal prepped and planned! For breakfast, I eat gluten free oatmeal made with almond milk and add different things to give it flavor. Sometimes I use blueberries, raisins, strawberries, bananas. Not all of them at once but you get the idea, every day is something different!

Here’s the deal. . .

I choose to not surround myself with JUNK and just eliminate the temptation all together. This includes junky people AND junky food!

I choose to workout three days a week. No excuses!

I choose to drink enough water for my body. Hydrate y’all!

I choose to not put things in my body that will make me feel like crap. Peace out Little Debbie, gluten and dairy!

I give myself grace and remind myself. . .

Just remember. . .

Gaining the weight took time and losing it takes time too!

We’re not done talking about this subject! I will have more resources for you coming soon but I hope this motivates you to make some healthy changes!