HMP of the Week | Ashley Thompson


HMP of the Week, Ashley Thompson, Pre-K teacher at Morgan County Primary School

I’m so excited to announce our next HMP of the Week, my friend, early-wake-up accountability and workout partner, teacher extraordinaire, Ashley Thompson!!

Ashley and I haven’t known each other for very long but we learned early in our friendship that we both needed more “ME” time! Over the summer, while running laps in the parking lot of the Blue Willow Restaurant one evening, we started talking about waking up just a little bit earlier so we could have more time to ourselves before our babes woke up. We determined that 5:30am was going to be OUR time! We texted each other every morning that summer being each other’s accountability partner. We both couldn’t believe how much we were getting accomplished during those extra two hours of time!!

Ashley has two children, Presley who is 7 (almost 8) and Parker is 6. They are 16 months apart!! She has been married to her husband, Dustin, for over 8 years.

HMP: When you were a little girl, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Ashley: Believe it or not, when I was little through college I was set on being a lawyer. This is completely not my personality on a normal day to day, but I was certain this is what I was going to be. At this point, I cannot even imagine being anything other than a teacher.

HMP: What college did you attend and how long did it take you to get your teaching degree?
Ashley: I attended Georgia College and State University for my undergrad degree. I graduated in 3 years, with the plan of going to law school next. I took some time off in between because I wasn’t quite ready for that next step, and everything changed. With a few turns in the road, I ended up going to the University of Georgia and earning my Masters in the Art of Education.

HMP: How long have you been teaching and what drives you to keep coming back to it every year?
Ashley: I have been teaching 8 years in different ways. I taught at my church preschool right after I graduated college, and that’s what sparked my passion for education. Each August, I question why I come back ;)! I love watching children learn in different ways, and their little light bulbs go off. It’s amazing to see the progress that children can make from August (more like July) to May. It’s definitely challenging at times, but the most rewarding simultaneously.

HMP: Can you explain the feeling you get when you teach a child something new?
Ashley: I think I am almost more excited than they are sometimes. You see how hard they are working, and the wheels turning! When the lightbulb goes off, you can see it! It’s the best feeling!

HMP: If your students only learn one thing this year, what do you want them to walk away with?
Ashley: That they are loved, and that they have me in their corner! Having a positive environment, where kids feel safe is crucial to them learning! I want them to know they have that this year, and can come back to visit for that in the future :).

HMP: Do you have a support system, a tribe or someone to lean on for guidance and friendship?
Ashley: My work team is the most amazing tribe! We truly are a work family, I talk to them just as much outside of work as I do at work. They are encouraging, motivating, or offer laughs when that’s the only way to get through things! I also have amazing friends outside of work that I cannot imagine doing life without. Everyone needs a great support system!

HMP: Who do you look up to?
Ashley: I look up to both of my grandmothers, and my mom! They are amazing examples of Christian women, that will do anything to help anyone they can. They are all very different, and thankful for the pieces I gained from them all.

HMP: Was it difficult to be pregnant and have your babies while also being a full time teacher?
Ashley: Yes! I was pregnant with Presley at the end of going to UGA for my Masters. I actually was at the UGA bookstore turning in my Fall books when I went into labor with her. I drove home from Athens timing my contractions, and had her 4 hours after making it back home! I was teaching while pregnant with Parker, and it was exhausting! Pregnant teachers deserve all the foot rubs and chocolate! We all made it happily and healthy though.

HMP: What do you enjoy doing in your off time?
Ashley: Working out with my amazing gym fam at L3 Fitness and having family time!

HMP: How do you balance being a working mom?
Ashley: We are very busy, and it’s not always pretty. I live by my Lilly Pulitzer planner! I write EVERYTHING down (down to who wants to buy/take lunches). I have to write it down to work out the days in my head. We have a pretty good routine down for as soon as school gets out, but it does stress me out to have to veer from it. We make the most of our few hours before our early bedtimes. With sports, my husband and I have to strategically plan most of our nights and divide and conquer!

HMP: Do you outsource anything in your household?
Ashley: I need to start, that’s a great idea!! ;) I currently do not!


Three fun facts about Ashley:
1. My husband is a die hard Tech fan, so football Saturdays are interesting. The kids are starting to form their own football opinions, and it’s been an interesting season :).
2. I have only ever taught Pre-K, and cannot imagine teaching anything else.
3. I watch Forensic Files every night. It puts me to sleep, and my husband is so over it!


Ashley, there are so many big and little lives you have touched. Your love for your students will stick with them and guide them into their next years. Thank you for ALL you do girl!! We love and appreciate you more than you’ll ever know!!