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30 day gratitude Challenge time!!!

Life can become overwhelming and full of negativity - it’s time to remind ourselves of the peace and joy that gratitude can bring back into our lives!

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Hi! I’m Holly, mom of three and serial entrepreneur here to lend a hand to my fellow mother-preneurs!

I married my high school sweetheart, Trey, when I was 19 years old and we have created some super cute little humans, RyAnne, Olivia and Rocco. We live in Social Circle, Georgia, a one traffic light town that’s known for one thing, The Blue Willow Inn Restaurant. We are lucky enough to have our office headquarters located right behind that landmark! Trey and I became entrepreneurs at very young ages. We have started MANY businesses. Some were super successful, some were total flops, but we have learned so many lessons along the way!

In June 2017, after having our third child, I found myself suffocating with postpartum depression, over weight and feeling lost. I started praying, “Lord, please guide me and show me what I am supposed to be doing.” In February 2018, God put me on this path and I have been faithfully following ever since. I created HMP because (I’m gonna be really real) I NEEDED IT! After chatting with other mother-preneurs, I realized they needed it too!
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Thirty Nights of No Thinking, Just Healthy Eating!

The Launch of Something New!!

My goal with creating this cookbook was to help make my life easier but I had no idea THIS would happen - that I would be publishing a cookbook that has already helped HUNDREDS of mother-preneurs all over the U.S.! It’s bringing families back to the dinner table for a HEALTHY meal!! A meal that is actually EASY to prep and cook!

In my cookbook, Thirty Nights of No Thinking, Just Healthy Eating, I keep it simple!


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